iTube Free Download For Android (PlayTube App Latest Version)

iTube app is a free multi-feature, easy to use and extremely useful video streaming App for your android smartphone, developed by 24/7 Apps Ltd. You can search and download from the YouTube database for free. The App was initially called Playtube which released with some basic features but with the growing demand the developers renamed and re-released the App as iTube. It also enables you to search and download legally from general search engines and the video load times are also faster with minimum buffering. There are other Apps as well which can store music on your phone and play them while you multitask but this Android app lets you this with streaming content as well. All that is required is an internet connection by which you can add a song to your playlist, thereafter it will be saved to be played later as well.

The iTube For Android works on any phone like a Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lava and every phone working on the Android OS. Due to some policy issues this App got removed from the Google Play Store, so it cannot be installed directly from the Google Play Store and an iTube.apk file needs to be downloaded and installed to get this App on your android device.

iTube Free Download – PlayTube Latest Version

After the APK file is downloaded onto your device you will be asked for a customary security check like any Android check. You can go ahead and click the install button. This will be the easy one touch installation of the i Tube Android app on your android smartphone. Now you can get on with exploring the App and check out all of its functionality.

The installation process is quite simple but due to some policy issues with the Google Play Store you cannot directly install the App from it. What you will need to do is to download the Apk file on your Android smartphone. Let’s go by it step wise –

Step 1 – First you will need to enable file download from your settings if it is not already enabled. Go to the Settings of your device. Then find the Security option and click the enable Unknown Sources option.

Step 2 – Now you need to download the Apk file >

Mirror Download Link For i Tube:

Or else simply you can go to the site and download the Apk file to your android phone from there itself.

Step 3 – Now you will get the customary Android installation check screen telling you where all you will be giving access to this App on your phone. Go ahead, it’s safe click install.itube app install buttonStep 4 – There you have it, you are good to go.itube installed message on screenStep 5 – Now you are free to explore the functionality of the App and its many features.

iTube Music Free Downloader Features

This excellent App was initially built by developers for Android devices only, but then due to high demand from users, it was released on other platforms as well. Some of the main features are –

Playlist Manager – Although smartphones are made to resemble your laptop and PC in their functionality, these advanced device still came with difficult to manage playlist in their on board music player. iTube lets you get past this with some very easy to manage playlist controls which can build and modify playlist for songs and videos with just a few clicks.itube playlists downloadSearch Function – This is one of the most powerful features of iTube. Since YouTube is the largest video streaming site it contains an unbelievable amount of video database. Sometime rare content can be placed on different sites as well. Here the Search function comes into play where it will scan YouTube and other websites as well for all video content.

Background Functioning – Taking forward the earlier point that smartphones are built to resemble your PC and laptop it is of great importance that it has processes running in the background while the user pays attention to one or many tasks. It’s quite a basic requirement of having being able to play your favorite music and then do your regular smartphone activities (checking mail, Whatsapp, Facebook or candy crush etc.) but smart phones don’t allow this with music playing in the background quite a strange drawback you may think. But, its solution is just one i Tube App download away where you can get hear your music and do your work at the same time.

Headphone incorporation – Many headphones come with some extra buttons which can help you adjust the volume or surf the playlist, these are very handy if you are busy doing some activity and can’t unlock your phone in the middle of it. Still, not all smart phones come with this functionality but the ones which do offers full utilization through its use where you can use your headphone buttons to control your music.

More Battery Charge – In contrast to other streaming and audio video Apps, it utilizes lesser amount of battery power which translates into longer play time for your music and videos. This can be seen from the Battery indicator on your Android device.

Caching of Videos – Last but definitely not the least, i Tube allows you to watch cached content which means once you stream your video from YouTube or whichever site you have searched for it gets stored on your mobile device and you can watch it anytime anywhere without having access to the internet.itube videos download

Conclusion on i Tube Free Download

This is hands down the most exciting and highly in demand entertainment App out there. The most important feature of this App is undoubtedly the caching video feature. With the help of i Tube App now you don’t have to log onto the internet again and again to watch your favorite YouTube videos, which sometimes gets difficult when internet access is not easy to get.

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Also getting new songs and videos in your playlist through iTunes or other on board software can be quite a lengthy exercise but with iTube/Playtube it is very simple and manageable. There are many long term users of the Free i Tube App can they have generally reported very positive results, the best way to find out will be to download it yourself.