Pro iTube APK Download For Streaming Music & Videos

iTube APK is an entertainment App for Android, iOS & PC which can be used to stream videos & music from online video sharing sites like YouTube. It offers the excellent functionality of creating your playlists and caching videos which are streamed so that you can view them offline as well.

A noble idea for people who struggle to connect to the internet each time they have to listen to their favorite music numbers. The feature made it one of the top entertainment Apps out there with it being released on other platforms as well such iOS and PC. But, due to policy violation, it was taken off Google Play Store, and little later iTune Store also followed suit and disallowed users to download iTube.APK and install it.itube apk pro

iTube APK Download Version 2.4 & Version 2.5

Now installing the iTube App on iOS is quite a lengthy procedure. But with the Android platform being more flexible, Android OS lets you download unknown files as well and install them. A boon in Android, which also makes it inherently less stable than iOS but who’s complaining if you can get one of the best entertainment Apps on your smartphone. Here comes the Apk file which will happily install the iTube App on any current Android OS.

Even though iTube Apk is not an authorized file, it is easy to download and install. Let’s go through it step by step –

Firstly you will need to go to the settings and then go to the security settings and from there check the “Unknown Sources” box.

Then you can go to some of the sites which provide the iTube Apk download link.

For other iTube APK downloading details, visit

There you have it; you have the Apk installed, and you can proceed to install iTube from homepage post.

itube apk awesome menu

Before we head into the installation procedure, it will be a good idea to see what this Apk file is all about –

  • The latest version of the iTube Apk App is 2.5, and it is performing better than earlier versions.
  • The file size is 3.7 Mb.
  • The Android OS should be more than 2.2 Version. It can be KitKat, Jellybean, Marsh-mellow or Lollipop.

iTube APK installed

iTube APK Features

The most important features of the iTube Pro APK are –

  1. The music can be played in the background while you perform other activities on your device.
  2. As the song is nearing its end, you automatically get more related song choices and options.
  3. By double tapping the video you can get it to zoom in and zoom out.
  4. You can search the history.
  5. The cache file will be saved as MP3 Music file for any YouTube video.


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