iTube (PlayTube) For iPhone/iPad Download – Free Music & Videos on iOS

iTube was release with the name Playtube and offered some limited features. Then the developers 24/7 Apps Ltd. gave it a new twist and launched the App with the name iTube for Android users. The App was so much in demand for its amazing features that due to popular demand it was released on other platforms as well.

Even though this is one terrific App for playing music from online video sharing sites it did have a bit of trouble when it was disallowed from Google Play Store due to policy issue. Well, no points for guessing why, because it allows users to save the YouTube videos they play onto their devices by caching it.

iTube For iPhone/iPad Download

The other main feature is that unlike YouTube App which needs to be on the foreground for you to enjoy your favorite music (What an attention seeker!) with iTube you can play your favorite and then do other activities while it plays in the background.itube on menu screen

Even though, iTube was easily available for download on iTunes earlier but due to Apple policy it was removed from the store.

Update: Download iMusic IT from iTunes as a best alternative for iOS.

Now there are ways in which you can run Android iTube APK on your iPhone by using Emulator App which lets you install Android Apps on your iPhone. Please visit apps like iTube for iOS for other resources.

A better way will be to visit some sites which help you download videos from YouTube. Here there will be no trouble from policy violation because you will not be installing any App. A few examples are, where you only need to visit the website, enter the link and you will be able to download the video with the quality you desire. Else, if you just want the audio to hear from the video then you can go to another website called here you can enter the URL of the video link and the website will convert the video to an Mp3 for your download.

Downloader of Music/Videos iTube Alternatives For Android & PC

iTube is one of the most popular and highly in demand music & video entertainment App. So much so, that after the initial launch on the Android platform it was re launched for iPhone and PC platform as well. So what made the App so important and popular for Youtube surfers? In one functionality feature answer it would be offline access to all the surfed content.

Yes, with the help of iTube you will be saved the inconvenience of connecting to the internet every time you want to listen to your favorite or watch the latest music videos. As once they are played on your device through iTube a cached copy will be there for offline viewing. And it doesn’t end there; this is one very smartly designed App directly targeting the inconveniences mobile users face when they play content on YouTube and other video streaming sites.

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Apps To Download Music & Videos Like iTube Does

Now, such is the nature of the App world when something clicks you can find newer and better Apps doing the same thing. Still iTube remains one of the top entertainment Apps for your smart phone but it’s always to have a look around to see what’s new.

So, here we go – Music Paradise Pro Downloader is the best Music downloading appDownload Music Maniac (Android), & Mp3 music download pro (Android) .music downloader apps like itube

  1. Audioviz – This is a powerful App for accessing music from handset and YouTube streaming, it comes into great use for playing music at parties, events and concerts. An exciting App to play music publicly or only personally.
  2. Evermusic (iOS) – It is an interesting music App which is fast catching up. It offers the user to access their music on their handset as well as Cloud Storage. It really is a great idea for people who store big amounts of data on Cloud Storage and will like to access their favorite music playlist through an App on their phone.
  3. Music Tube – This is a good App for iOS users, through which users can create their favorite playlist by Artists, Genres, Name or Album.
  4. iMusic (iOS) – Another App for iOS users. This App gives you great dynamic control for the music, a great way to play your music in the background while you work on other activities.
  5. Pocket Tube – Like other Apps Pocket Tube also allows the user to search You tube for their favorite music videos and play them through the App. An App for iOS it lets the user play their favorite music in the background.
  6. Free Music Download (Android) – This is a great App for Music lovers who like to create their own playlists. It lets you get your favorite music from YouTube and build playlist according to your preferences, also you can share the playlist with others.

Video Downloader Apps For Android & PC

There are apps like iTube – vidmate video downloader, videoder, Mobdro (Android), Megabox HD (Android), Showbox, Movie HD & Cinema Box (Android & iOS).

video downloader apps like itube

  1. ProTube – This App helps incorporate all the features of YouTube. This App has one big advantage that you can stream and play your favorite music from YouTube without having any advertisements spoil the fun. An important feature especially if you are playing music publicly. It is abundant with many technical features.
  2. AirMusic – This is one novel App with the idea of connecting to devices over WiFi connections and stream music from them. This App does not have anything to do with YouTube but if you have saved YouTube videos on your handset then it can be accessed over WiFi. An interesting App which is easy to use on many platforms.
  3. Insta Tube – This is an App that can stream video from a many different streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and others. You can directly access these popular video sharing sites and then like them, Comment and share them as you like.
  4. Smart Tube – This App lets you access all the YouTube music and let you divide the music as per your preferences. It gives interesting tools to make your experience better.

iTube For PC/Laptop & Mac Download For Free Music & Videos

iTube For PC is an exciting entertainment App for music lovers who like to create their playlists and listen to their favorite music offline as well. It lets you search for music videos on YouTube and other websites and then once you play it gets saved in your device for offline playing. It comes with an easy to use playlist manager and really simplifies the process of getting your favorite and latest music on your device. After initial release on the Android platform it was released on other platform as well due to popular demand this includes your normal PC.

This App was so well received and in popular demand from users across different platforms that it was ranked as the number 1 App in the entertainment section. This App has some amazing and very important features you may have always desired on your Android device especially if you can’t go about your day without streaming your favorite songs over YouTube. 

Download iTube/PlayTube For PC & Mac

Here, we will discuss how to install iTube on your PC which may have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS X. In order to install Android Apps on your PC you will need the help of an Android Simulator Software like Bluestacks. After installing the Blustacks App you will be able to download and install the iTube App directly. All you need to do is to go by some simple easy to follow instructions and you will be having one of the best entertainment Apps on your very own desktop. Let us see this in a step wise form –

Step 1 – First thing you need to do is to install Bluestacks onto your PC if you don’t already have it. Just a little list of requirements for the Bluestacks installation, you can install Bluestacks on Windows 8.1,8, 7. You will need a minimum of 2 GB Ram and 4 GB disk space available on your PC. Click here to download bluestacks.itube with bluestacks for pcStep 2 – After the Installation is complete what you will need to do is to login to your Google account through the software.

Step 3 – The next step is to download the iTube Apk on your PC. This has to be done through the Apk because of some policy issue it cannot be downloaded by the Google Play Store.

Step 4 – Once the download is complete, all you need to do is to right click the downloaded file, double click on the .Apk file or select “Open with Bluestacks Player” option and you are good to go.

Now you can have all the features of the iTube android App on your PC. One of the best features is that once you view a YouTube video you will not need to connect to the internet to view it again you can simply play the cached copy.

iTube For PC/Laptop Features

Let us take a closer look at these features which were highly desired from the previous YouTube App and now have become a basic feature thanks to the iTube App.

One of the main features of the App is of a YouTube playlist manager which lets you create your playlist from the YouTube videos which you may have bookmarked or from your viewing history. The App allows you to shuffle, edit and repeat playlist on your Android phone even when you have gone and videos for pcIt saves you from the trouble of separately downloading videos from YouTube, converting them and then viewing them offline. A very welcome solution, which every music lover logging onto YouTube from their mobile devices or PC’s will appreciate.

The iTube App was earlier known as PlayTube, which had some limited features but nevertheless the App saw some heavy demand and got the developers to relaunch a new App with additional App by the name of iTube for the Android OS. It was later released for iPhone as well.

Pro iTube APK Download For Streaming Music & Videos

iTube APK is an entertainment App for Android, iOS & PC which can be used to stream videos & music from online video sharing sites like YouTube. It offers the excellent functionality of creating your playlists and caching videos which are streamed so that you can view them offline as well.

A noble idea for people who struggle to connect to the internet each time they have to listen to their favorite music numbers. The feature made it one of the top entertainment Apps out there with it being released on other platforms as well such iOS and PC. But, due to policy violation, it was taken off Google Play Store, and little later iTune Store also followed suit and disallowed users to download iTube.APK and install it.itube apk pro

iTube APK Download Version 2.4 & Version 2.5

Now installing the iTube App on iOS is quite a lengthy procedure. But with the Android platform being more flexible, Android OS lets you download unknown files as well and install them. A boon in Android, which also makes it inherently less stable than iOS but who’s complaining if you can get one of the best entertainment Apps on your smartphone. Here comes the Apk file which will happily install the iTube App on any current Android OS.

Even though iTube Apk is not an authorized file, it is easy to download and install. Let’s go through it step by step –

Firstly you will need to go to the settings and then go to the security settings and from there check the “Unknown Sources” box.

Then you can go to some of the sites which provide the iTube Apk download link.

For other iTube APK downloading details, visit

There you have it; you have the Apk installed, and you can proceed to install iTube from homepage post.

itube apk awesome menu

Before we head into the installation procedure, it will be a good idea to see what this Apk file is all about –

  • The latest version of the iTube Apk App is 2.5, and it is performing better than earlier versions.
  • The file size is 3.7 Mb.
  • The Android OS should be more than 2.2 Version. It can be KitKat, Jellybean, Marsh-mellow or Lollipop.

iTube APK installed

iTube APK Features

The most important features of the iTube Pro APK are –

  1. The music can be played in the background while you perform other activities on your device.
  2. As the song is nearing its end, you automatically get more related song choices and options.
  3. By double tapping the video you can get it to zoom in and zoom out.
  4. You can search the history.
  5. The cache file will be saved as MP3 Music file for any YouTube video.